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Personal and civic responsibility, love of learning, and empathy for others: these are the qualities that Wayland High School seeks to instill in its students.  At its core, our mission is to provide a rigorous and stimulating academic environment that promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills.  Yet we deem it equally important to nurture self-confident, collaborative, and conscientious individuals.  We strive to create a climate where risk-taking is safeguarded, open expression is encouraged, and free association is protected.  Our goal is to advance our students' growth into principled, informed, and capable citizens who will help guide a democracy that follows humanitarian principles in the global forum, and shape a just society where individuals may reach their full potential.

To report a student's absence or late arrival, please phone the attendance line: 508-358-5861 or email hs_attendance@wayland.k12.ma.us 

Laptop Pickup Information
Freshmen and new students will receive their laptops at student orientation on Thursday, August 30th.  This form will need to be filled out prior to laptop pickup. 

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can pick up their laptop in the Library Media Center on the dates listed below.  Click 
this link for more information.
~ Monday, August 27: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
~ Tuesday, August 28: 2-4 pm
~ Wednesday, August 29: 2-4 pm

Mark Your Calendars
September 6: 9th Grade Parents Night ~ 7 pm, WHS Theater
September 13: Back to School Night ~ 7 pm, WHS Theater

Work Permits

The Main Office will be available for work permits over the summer between the hours of 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Please call 508-358-3706 or 508-358-7746 to confirm someone will be in the office to assist you.

School Calendar
2018-2019 School Calendar

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
July 29, no eventsJuly 30, no eventsJuly 31, no eventsAugust 01, no eventsAugust 02, no eventsAugust 03, no eventsAugust 04, no events
August 05, no eventsAugust 06, no eventsAugust 07, no eventsAugust 08, no eventsAugust 09, no eventsAugust 10, no eventsAugust 11, no events
August 12, no eventsAugust 13, no eventsToday, August 14, no eventsAugust 15, no eventsAugust 16, no eventsAugust 17, no eventsAugust 18, no events
August 19, no eventsAugust 20, no eventsAugust 21, no eventsAugust 22, no eventsAugust 23, no eventsAugust 24, no eventsAugust 25, no events
August 26, no eventsAugust 27, no eventsAugust 28, no events293031September 01, no events
Upcoming Events
   All Staff Reports for Preparation
   Aug 29 2018
   Staff Preparation
   Aug 30 2018
   Aug 31 2018
   NO SCHOOL - Labor Day
   Sep 03 2018
   First Day of Classes
   Sep 04 2018
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