Parents and Guardians

Congratulations on becoming a parent of a high school student, and/or making it to the next year of high school with your child! We know that each year may bring with it some nervousness, excitement and trepidation for your child and family, but we want to remind you that our department is here to help. We see the high school journey as a partnership between you, your student and our department.  We are here for you throughout the year (whether you have four years left or just one), so please call us, email us, or set up a time to meet with us. We don't ever want you to feel alone not knowing where to turn, so please keep in touch. We also want you to hear from us, and we will continue to remind you of, is that each year of high school is about your sons and daughters -- about who they are as individuals, and about their journey through adolescence and high school each year. So we ask you to not just focus on grades, thinking about the future and college or careers for your child, let's celebrate your child's personal growth all along the way, and let's support and applaud their learning how to be independent thinkers and young adults.

As a reminder to all, if you need to contact us by phone or email, all of our contact information is right on the Guidance Home Page (along with our pictures too)!  In addition to accessing us directly, we hope this website will help you to find resources and support along the way as well.


Click here for the Guidance Parent Handbook