Course Registration

Mar 13 - Mar 24th:

  • Teachers confer with students about course selection
  • Teacher enter course recommendations into iPass
  • Parents do NOT have access to iParent course registration module during this time period

April 3-Apr 10:

  • Parents log into their iParent accounts, see teacher recommendations, and register their preferences for their students' courses and electives.

Apr 5-Apr 10th:

  • Students confer with teachers if they disagree with teacher recommendation
  • Students initiate override process with department heads (if necessary)


April 10th

  • Counselors review teacher recommendations and parent preferences, register students for classes, and then share registration lists with departments for final approval.

May 5th

  • Written override requests by students to department heads due by this date

April 28th

Due May 1st

  • Request verification forms sent home. Students and parents will verify course requests, particularly electives, and return sheets only if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Verification sheets due on May 13th.

May 26th

  • Deadline for override appeal meetings.

Helpful Documents:

  • Step-by-step instructions: Three page document with screen shots and instructions for using the iParent course registration module.

  • Program of Studies 2017-18: This document describes all our offered courses.  You may find it useful to print.

  • Elective List 2017-18: Two page document listing available electives indicating which require prerequisites.

  • Course Request Form: One page form to be used by students wishing to register for a course requiring a prerequisite or faculty permission in a department in which they are NOT currently enrolled.   (e.g., student is not currently taking a Fine Arts or music class, but wishes to register for AP Music Theory)

  • OverrideInformation about how to request an override if you and/or your child disagree with a teacher recommendation. To see if your child is eligible for an override, see eligibility guidelines.  To apply for an override, use the override form.