Hello Seniors!

We hope this page, designed just for you, will be helpful for you. In addition to the links and resources, we would like to remind you that your counselor is ready, willing and eager to help you throughout this exciting year. 

As many of you begin to think about your future, the guidance department would like to share a few thoughts and pieces of information.

  • The future planning process should be a thoughtful process involving lots of teamwork, planning and reflection, not an individual sprint to the finish line as if it were a race to be won against all odds. As quoted in the article below (please check it out): "They (college deans of admissions) say that there is no reason to apply five months in advance, let alone two, and that they are far more inclined to put a premium on thoughtfulness and contemplation than speed."
  • Choosing your future path, (schools, programs, employment, military or whatever it may be) should be YOUR process, not a process based on comparison or reaction to other influences (ie: what your friends are saying or doing, or what the latest, media hype has told us to be wary of).
  • Know that what you do after high school is not the biggest decision of your life and we caution you to not treat it as such.
  • And finally, know that you are absolutely not alone in this process.  The guidance counselors are here to help, teachers are here to help, and we are ready and eager to meet you at whatever point you are in the process.

With all of that said, we would like to answer some of the questions coming our way already:

How soon can I request transcripts to be sent?
Sending records from our office includes a comprehensive package.  In order to send what the colleges want all at once (which they prefer and often require) we must wait for certain information from outside sources.  For example, our school profile must include current SAT averages, AP scores and an accurate picture of our senior class.  Scores from the College Board do not get to us sometimes until mid September, delaying the completion of our high school profile which is a document required by the college.  Often there are grade changes which occur in the fall when teachers return to school (due to computer errors or final exam make ups), which causes some GPAs to change and therefore the class' GPA graph shifts as well. In addition, schedule adjustments are constant in September and in order for our transcripts to be complete (which include senior classes) schedules must be accurate to not slow up the process.  And lastly, counselors and teachers must take the time to write their recommendation letters. Therefore , with all of these variables involved, our department will aim to begin transcript and recommendation submission by mid to late September.

When will Senior Seminars begin?

Senior Seminars will begin on Thursday , September 15 (A Day) and will run for three cycles to Monday, October 24 (H Day) . Please check your schedules for where your seminar will meet.

How soon can I schedule an appointment with my counselor to discuss my future plans, college or what other options are available?
Although counselors need some time to address scheduling issues and concentrate on the ninth grade transition early on in September, your counselor is willing to see you to catch up as soon as things settle down (hopefully by the first full week of school we will be ready for full appointments to be scheduled.  Counselors are available by email to answer lots of your questions too, and we will have Guidance Drop-In hours each lunch block for non-personal basic questions.  See below about that!

I heard about Guidance Drop-In hours -- what's that about?

We are offering a new service to all students that we wanted to make you aware of, because we believe it will be particularly helpful for seniors this year. We will have counselor Drop-In hours every day during the lunch block. We have found in the past that students have some straightforward questions that all counselors can answer.  So rather than waiting for a full appointment with your counselor to ask a few questions, (because we know you are busy and our schedules are often tight), please stop by during the lunch block any day of the week for our counselor Drop-In times. Please know, these drop in times are for basic questions, not personal ones. Things like transcript request questions, college application questions or issues related to SATs/ACTs are the types of things we will handle during these Drop-In sessions. We look forward to helping you throughout this exciting year. Please feel free to also schedule appointments with your counselor after the first full week of school.

Please Check Out this article too!

Here is the link to the article in the New York Times we mentioned that we would love you all to read.  The article is actually called: Pulling an All Nighter for the College Application, but don't worry, it's actually telling you NOT to do that, so check it out! The article in fact stresses to students to be thoughtful in their application process and they mention that " ...they (admissions deans) are far more inclined to put a premium on thoughtfulness and contemplation than speed."

Information for Seniors and Parents of Seniors
Guidance Services in the Twelfth Grade Year

Senior year can be a very stressful time for both parents and students as it is all about endings and beginnings, about joint family decision-making and assertion of individual independence. However, guidance counselors are here to help make this process manageable by helping every step of the way. 

Sometimes though, if college applications, recommendations, college visits, anxiety, expectations, excitement, acceptance, rejection, and the infamous "senior slump" seem to combine into a whirl of activity and you need even more support, there's additional help from Wayland Youth and Family Services (WYFS). Parents of seniors are encouraged to attend our "support" group offered in the fall months at the Town Building. Ms. Lynn Dowd, WYFS Social Worker, along with with a WHS Guidance Counselor has conducted this highly successful and helpful group for a number of years. Stay tuned for details.

The college application process is fully outlined in the Junior section of this website as well. However, it is essential to note the following: The more prepared a student is, the more relaxed and comfortable is the actual future planning process. The guidance program, beginning in junior year, carefully prepares a student for the this process; please take advantage of the recommended procedures. As has been true in the previous three years, students and parents are encouraged to take the initiative to make appointments with the guidance counselor.

Counselors have a great deal of contact with their seniors. In addition to our numerous individual meetings, all seniors will attend Senior Seminars offered during the fall. We welcome the opportunity to advise, and encourage seniors and their parents through this turbulent time.  In addition to the more " nuts and bolts" types of questions, discussions can also deal with such issues as: separation from family and friends; social and academic pressures at college, roommates; resources on college campuses; and coping techniques. Please also see below for further details on the specifics of the future planning and college application process. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Wayland High School's
College Application Processes
(and all the paperwork involved!)

The following information is designed to make the college application process as organized and efficient as possible. Each of you, of course, is encouraged to meet early this year with your Guidance Counselor to continue the college counseling process and to help you finalize your "college list" and other important decisions.

Common App. Tips and Help -- Find them here!


Students no longer have to fill out the Secondary School Report Form for colleges, because Counselors will be doing that on line for them.  Seniors will learn about on line transcript requesting and submission in their senior seminars in the fall. 

A small number of colleges still require paper submissions.  Please see your Guidance Counselor if this is the case.  


A copy of your transcript which includes your courses, grades and credits

A copy of your class' G.P.A. profile chart

A copy of our guidance counselor's recommendation

A copy of the Wayland High School Profile and GPA Graph 

A copy of your Senior year quarter grades.


Secondary School Reports with January 1st deadlines must be received before Thanksgiving or we cannot guarantee meeting the January 1st deadline. We ask you give to us at least four weeks in advance of the application deadline of your first application (earliest deadline) in order to insure that the forms will be completed and arrive at the school on time. After the first application, additional Secondary School Reports must be submitted no later than two weeks before the deadline. However, we ask that you request transcripts on Naviance Family Connection as soon as possible in order to alleviate the flood of applications just prior to application deadlines.


Quarterly grades and Mid-year averages are automatically sent to every school to which you have applied. The mid-year grade, determined by your teacher, is the average of your quarter one, quarter two and mid-year examination grades. 

Final grades are sent only to the school which you will be attending.


Scores may be sent when registering for a test or anytime afterward. You may request scores to be sent on line, on the telephone or by mailing the form that comes with your admission ticket. Additional report request forms are also available in the guidance office. To review more information on sending your SAT scores, go to the collegeboard website at For more information on sending your ACT scores, go to the ACT website at

JUNIOR/SENIOR College Visits

A number of colleges will be visiting the WHS Guidance Office scheduled during the fall. These visits will be listed on the Naviance website and announced in junior and senior homerooms. In order to sign up for a college visit you must obtain a College Visit Request Form from the Guidance Office.  Students must get signature from their teacher (if they need to miss a class) at least 24 hours in advance.