"PLEASE NOTE: iParent registration requests can take as long as a week to process,

although we usually fulfill all requests within 24 hours.

Making multiple requests slows down the process."

iParent is part of our Student Information Management System (SIMS). We are now offering this to parents and guardians as one of the many forms of communication between home and school. Along with viewing student data pertaining to attendance, discipline and grades, you will also have the opportunity to update your personal information in our database.

All fields indicated with an asterisk are required.

Parents/Guardians must create their own username and password. The school does not maintain passwords.  There is a Forgot Password link on the log in screen.  If they do not receive an automated email reply, they must e-mail Lorraine Keegan to find out what is their user name is and to have their email address updated so they can use the password reset feature.  Passwords are the sole responsibility of Parents/Guardians.

Completing this application process does not instantly provide Parents/Guardians with on-line access. Approval for parent access will take approximately one week. The school always reserves the right to require additional information and/or that a Parent/Guardian visits the school in person prior to final approval.

         Student Schedules

Schedules will be posted in iParent on the first day of school.