Odyssey Hotlist

ship Tell me, O Muse, of that man of many turnings who traveled far and wide 
after he had sacked the famous town of Troy.
Many cities did he visit, and many were the people with whose customs and thinking
he became acquainted; many things he suffered at sea while seeking to save his own life and to
      achieve the safe homecoming of his companions....
The Ship of Odysseus   Odysseus Blinding Polyphemus

By Janet Karman

These sites will help you to delve more deeply into the history and infuences of this rich epic poem.

Web Links What's Inside?
Text with Links and Explanatory Notes Scroll down to "Homer," and you'll find his text of The Odysseywith highlighted explanatory notes, images, and links
A Webquest A good resource for additional links to historical background (check out the "Resources" section)
Map of Odysseus's wanderings See a clear map of Odysseus's route to Ithaka
Voyage to the Underworld See a map of Odysseus's voyage to Hades as well as descriptions and pictures of the souls he meets there
Action Images of The Trojan War and The Odyssey See the Fall of Troy!  See Odysseus in Hades!
Image Search A great cache of images and art objects related to classical literature
Images of Ancient Greece and Rome Modern day photographs of ancient Greek and Roman sites
Museum of Fine Arts Collection  The MFA's collection of classical art





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