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Students, please use the following form to record work on completed projects for community service credit.

Community Service Completed Projects Form


Community Service and Jobs for Youth

Guide to Boston service, job and internship opportunities in Boston: - includes links to community service opportunities, internship info, resume tips, and job resources in the area 

 City of Boston Youth Zone (the department of Youth Engagement and Employment:

 Zip Recruiter- Jobs for High School Students:



Household Goods in Acton is currently experiencing a severe Saturday afternoon volunteer shortage.  If you have volunteered at Household Goods before, we
need you!  If you have not volunteered, go to our Student Volunteering Page to get started:


(posted  11/07/2023)

Arts Wayland Event 12-3-23

(posted  11/02/2023)

patriots alumni cheerleaders assoc logo

The New England Professional Cheerleaders Alumni Association (NEPCAA), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to serving their communities through charitable endeavors. NEPCAA was chosen to host the National Football Cheerleaders Alumni Association Charity Reunion Gala taking place in Boston in July 2024. Approximately 800 former NFL cheerleaders from across the country will travel to Boston at their own expense to reunite with former colleagues and raise money for charities.  

Students seeking community service credit are invited to volunteer at Gillette Stadium and/or Boston College on their behalf to help them raise funds for their charity event. Students 16+ may volunteer at Gillette Stadium, however, students must be 18+ to work at Boston College.   As they are a nonprofit organization, students may work at the concession stands to earn community service credit; and we a letter will be provided indicating their volunteer service.

  Also note that it is strongly recommended that cheerleaders volunteer, as NEPCAA donates scholarships to cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts.

For more information, please review either the Boston College Information Sheet or the Gillette Information sheet.

(posted  10/12/2023)


The Borgen Project is an innovative, national campaign that works with U.S. leaders to improve their response to the global poverty crisis.

They run various programs year round both volunteer and internships.

Location: The programs are based online, so can be undertaken from any location.

Start Dates: We have new programs starting every month, as such applications can be received at any time, through our website. Team members choose the start date that is most appropriate for them.

Mentoring and Supervision: Our volunteers have a designated manager who will offer an induction to the program and then support them throughout their time with us, with regular online catch-up calls, training/discussion sessions, and are a point of contact for any questions or concerns throughout the program.

Our programs are unpaid, however we are happy to work with you to be able to offer students 12 weeks’ worth of work experience and community service hours if appropriate.

Please feel free to contact Kelly Gilmour, HR Manager, ([email protected]) with any questions about The Borgen Project and program.

For information on the Internship program, please visit:
The Borgen Project Remote Internships
for information on their Volunteer program, please visit:
The Borgen Project Volunteer Opportunities.

(posted 11/26/2018, updated 9/21/2023)

Computer Science, Math, Engineering and Science Teaching Opportunity with gbSTEM!

Greater Boston STEM Program (gbSTEM) is an official 501c3 registered non profit enrichment program that delivers free introductory computer science, mathematics, engineering and science courses to elementary and middle school students in the Greater Boston area. Since March 2020, we have brought free virtual lessons to over 1000 Massachusetts youth.

We are looking for passionate high school students to join the gbSTEM community and teach classes remotely through Zoom as well as some in-person classes. Volunteering as an instructor will show initiative, strengthen your resumé, and allow you to contribute to the community.

Our fall semester will run from September 24th, 2023 to December 24th, 2023. The deadline for instructor applications is September 15th, 2023.

Our application form and all course descriptions can be found on our website:

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. We are so excited to work with you this fall. Thank you so much!

(posted 09/11/2023)

Help Needed - Garden Work for Wayland Resident

A Wayland resident needs some help with their garden.  The resident is disabled and can not do the work themselves.  If possible, please bring a rake, leaf blower and any other garden tools.  
It would be a nice activity to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air.
Is there anyone needing Community Service hours?
Please contact Cindy Leonard at 508-653-3743.
If no answer, please leave a message and give your availability.

(posted 03/15/2022, reposted 09/14/2022, updated 09/08/2023)

youth in phil

Youth in Philanthropy Application

(posted 09/07/2023)

Volunteer at the W Gallery -
Arts Wayland

Volunteer opportunities are available at the W Gallery with Arts Wayland.

For more information, please visit:
Arts Wayland - W Gallery
or you can send an email
[email protected] 
with the subject of "Volunteering".

(posted 10/19/2022)

Neighbor Brigade Teen Advisory Council

Neighbor Brigade ( is a community specific network of volunteers that can be mobilized to help residents facing a sudden crisis (e.g. surgery, medical diagnosis, death in the family) manage day-to-day tasks such as meal preparation, rides, and basic household chores. 

We currently have an active chapter in Wayland and we are looking for two Wayland upperclassman high school students to serve on our newly formed Teen Advisory Council. 

If interested, please send an email to Emily Hayes at for additional information. 

(posted 09/08/2022, verified 10/02/2023)


Friends of the Wayland Council on Aging - Social Networking Expansion

Most towns in Massachusetts have a Council on Aging to provide programs and services to their senior citizens. Councils on Aging receive a portion of their funding directly from Town Government, but like School Districts, Veteran Services, and Conservation Commission, they count on grants and donations from outside organizations to pay for services Town Government cannot cover. The Friends of the Wayland Council on Aging is such an organization.

We are volunteers who provide outside funding to the Wayland Council on Aging for equipment, cultural events, and classes serving the unique needs of Wayland’s senior citizens. The Friends website ( describes who we are and recent program and equipment underwriting activities.

We would like to expand our social networking presence beyond our web site. None of us are web-savvy by any means: we seek assistance from creative Wayland High School students who are much more familiar with setting up and maintaining a web presence on multiple social media, including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook.

If applying your creativity on behalf of Wayland’s senior citizens sounds good to you, please contact John Shaw at [email protected]

(posted 12/03/2021)

Longfellow HHC logo

Volunteer Hours Available
Longfellow Holistic Health Center is a small but dynamic physical therapy and massage practice located within the Longfellow Health Club.

We have an opportunity for students to “shadow” (observe) and/or volunteer alongside the physical therapists.

Tasks would include:
1. Stocking linens
2. Disinfecting equipment and treatment rooms
3. Assisting patients with their exercise
4. Writing out exercise programs for patients
5. Scheduling and changing appointments

We also have opportunities to assist with visual and digital marketing, including:
1. Writing a newsletter
2. Posting bulletins or marketing strategies on social media
3. Photographing exercises or treatment techniques

Opportunities are available year round. Hours can be fulfilled anytime between 7:30-4 (sometimes later) Monday through Friday.

For more information, contact Lynne (508) 358-4900 or

[email protected]

(posted 09/14/2021, verified update 09/07/2023)



WGBH - Volunteers Needed

The office of volunteers at WGBH would like to offer volunteer opportunities to high school students 16 years old and older. 

Volunteering would include working at various events hosted by the station, and interacting with staff and other volunteers.

Specific events would include the Classical Cartoon Fest in March; Fun Fest in July; and the taping of High School Quiz show in January/February.

If you are interested in volunteering, please provide the following information:

* School name

* Annual community service requirements

* Contact name

* Contact email

Director of Volunteers Jaime Reese will contact you.

Thanks in advance for being part of the WGBH community.

Contact us at 617.300.4211 or email 
[email protected] to let us know how you'd like to help.


If interested please contact Karin Paquin at or Michael Sanders at [email protected]
If interested please contact Karin Paquin at or Michael Sanders at [email protected]
If interested please contact Karin Paquin at or Michael Sanders at [email protected]

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