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The Science Department believes that science students at Wayland High School have two primary needs. The first is the need to become independent learners. In a rapidly changing world it is imperative that students have not only the intellectual tools to pursue information and knowledge, but also a desire to inform themselves about the world around them.

A second need is for students to become functional members of the global community. As the world becomes more dependent on people working together to solve mutual problems, our students need to have the skills and competence to find successful niches in the global community and feel a responsibility to that community. While addressing the need to liberally educate all students, the science program at the High School must at the same time provide appropriate fundamentals to those students interested in pursuing science career paths.

The Science Department has established a set of broad objectives that will meet the needs of our students. The science curriculum reflects these objectives and strives to meet the goals inherent in these objectives.

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